Project Profile – Tom Rush Celebrates 50 Years of Music (Multi-Camera)

When you think “documentary” you probably don’t immediately think of large-scale multi-camera “live to tape ” concert productions.  However, as part of the feature documentary “Tom Rush: No Regrets,” that is exactly what BlueStar put together, TRC50and the result ended up not only in the documentary but as standalone programs.  With producing partner Ezzie Films, BlueStar put together the 6-camera live switched concert “Tom Rush Celebrates 50 Years of Music,” webcast live from Boston Symphony Hall and subsequently released as a 100-minute DVD, a companion CD, and then recut as a one-hour PBS pledge program.
BlueStar’s Rob Stegman produced the concert video, which was directed by Bob Comiskey (included in his 2014 Emmy Award-winning Directing reel).

Here’s an excerpt:

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