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  1. I was with you last night and overwhelmed by Meg’ story. My 37 year old daughter Jennifer died on December 23rd last year from a fall and fractured skull while in a manic episode. Her story is Meg’s story and there is so much to say. She was diagnosed bi-polar in August of 2012. She had a major melt down three months after her sister Mary died of a lower main artery anuyrism. Once on depracote and abstinent from alcohol she Still it was rocky and she had five hospitalizations in those tgwo and one half years.

  2. I was with you last night and so inspired by Meg’s story. My 37 year old daughter Jennifer died just before Christmas last year from a fractured skull caused by a fall while in a manic episode. Our Jen was so much like Meg. So talented in art, poetry and writing. Everything that Meg presented we saw in Jen. The story is long and painful so I won’ try and tell it all now but I would love to be able to communicate with Meg. I feel compelled to find a way to help others like Meg has.

    I live in Sturbridge but grew up in Great Barrington and also swam in the Green River!

    Sincerely, Barry Williams

    • Barry
      Thank you very much for your comments. I am so very sorry for your loss.. I am glad you found some inspiration and hope from Pack Up Your Sorrows. I will forward your comments to Meg. She can also be reached on our Facebook page ( or hers ( or through her film contact us link: meg[at]

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